About us

Landguard Systems is a driven team of engineering professionals with a broad sphere of radio design expertise. We specialise in the conception and development of innovative, high performance, bespoke radio systems.

Founded in 2006, our diverse team builds upon years of industrial experience to provide our customers with the right solution, every time. Through consultation and requirements analysis we evolve ideas from inception to comprehensive specifications and proposals. Our holistic approach to design comprises the complete equipment chain, from radio frequency (RF) and digital hardware, through embedded software and digital signal processing, to application software and systems analysis. We are able to provide these services in full or in part and can apply them to a wide range of customer projects and product developments. Our after-sales service includes ongoing support and advice, assisting introduction of our products to real-world scenarios.



System Formalisation
Our meticulous analysis and consultation turn ideas into detailed specifications.
Bespoke RF design
From discrete components to chipsets, we identify the optimal solution
Digital hardware design
From micropower devices to DSP and FPGA, we run the gamut of digital hardware design to achieve secure high speed communications.
Embedded software
Our skillset covers a range of languages, including; Assembler, C and C++, to suit every need, from peripheral drivers to high level applications.
Digital signal processing
Through hardware and software techniques, including; Custom filter design, Frequency domain analysis and Noise minimisation, our radios achieve high performance at low power.
Application software
Our Application Software supports our devices and provides flexibility of use to suit every requirement on a variety of platforms.