Radio systems that protect

We specialise in designing and manufacturing custom radio systems that enable our government, defence and law enforcement customers to track, locate and protect their crucial operation assets. 

Our specialist intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance (ISTAR) systems include high performance blue force and red force comprehensive tracking devices that work across Iridium, cellular and RF technologies, as well as software defined radio (SDR) transceivers that provide flexible, small-size high-power radio platforms based on the latest Open CPI and Open VPX industry standards.

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We are experts in working collaboratively with end users to produce small size, low energy devices through combining first-hand operational knowledge and specialist technical expertise. We reduce end-user burden through ensuring all our systems are focused, resilient and easy to deploy. 

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Our services


    From discrete components to chipsets, we identify the optimal solution.


    We run the gamut of digital hardware design to achieve secure high-speed communications.


    Our skillset covers a range of software languages to suit every need, from peripheral drivers to high level applications.


    We optimise both hardware and software so that our radios achieve high performance at low power.


    Our flexible application software is designed to suit every requirement across a variety of platforms.

Our core values

  • We’re innovative

    We take pride in designing and manufacturing innovative systems, embracing the latest technologies, and ensuring our products are engineered to the highest possible standard without ever compromising on performance.

  • We’re passionate

    We understand that the work we do helps keep people safe, so we bring passion and enthusiasm to everything we deliver to our customers.

  • We’re responsible

    We know that our systems make a real difference, so we make sure we deliver on our promises. We remember that our customers are often publicly funded, so we utilise our resources effectively.

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Our commitment to providing high delivery performance, 24/7 operational assistance, and industry-leading training ensures our customers are supported every step of the way.